Research Books and Policy Brief published by Emerald Group Publishing

By: Dr. Shem Wambugu Maingi – Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
It is with immense pleasure to announce the publication of two research books within the Tourism Security-Safety and Post Conflict Destinations Book series entitled “Tourism Through Troubled Times: Challenges and Opportunities of the Tourism Industry in 21st Century” which was edited by Maximiliano E. Korstanje from the University of Palermo, Argentina, Hugues Seraphin from the University of Winchester, UK and Shem W. Maingi from Kenyatta University, Kenya and “Tourism Destination Management in a Post-Pandemic Context: Global Issues and Destination Management Solutions” which was edited by Vanessa GB Gowreesunkar from Anant National University, India, Shem W. Maingi from Kenyatta University, Kenya, Hiran Roy from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Canada and Roberto Micera from the Institute for Studies on the Mediterranean, Italy as well as a policy brief on “Rebuilding tourism post pandemic – Policy recommendations from global case studies”
Tourism Through Troubled Times (ISBN 9781803823126) explores the unparalleled crisis within the current global tourism industry, which includes not only a wide range of risks that threaten economic activity but also a wider and deeper epistemological crisis. Divided into four sections covering risk perception, tourism in crisis, new forms of tourism and the future of tourism in a fractured world, this edited collection examines issues including the impacts of the climate crisis on tourism, post-disaster marketing and management, use of robotics tourism, dark tourism, virtual tourism, over-tourism and tourism-phobia.
Tourism Destination Management in a Post-Pandemic Context (ISBN 9781800715127) gives an enriching insight into the issues and challenges faced by tourism destinations during and after the pandemic, exposing emerging trends and proposing novel management solutions in order to develop coping capacities of destinations and build resilience against the effects of potential future pandemics Drawing on lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, this expansive collection presents cases and competency frameworks to advance theoretical and empirical knowledge in the management of destinations post-pandemic. The International Policy brief from the book 'Rebuilding tourism post pandemic – Policy recommendations from global case studies' looks at how tourist destinations can rebuild after the pandemic.