Entry Requirements
The common regulations for all Masters Degrees in the University shall apply. The common
regulations for all Masters Degrees in the School hospitality and tourism shall apply.
The following shall be eligible for registration for a Masters degree in Tourism Management:

  1. A holder of Bachelor of Science (Upper Second Honors and above) degree in Tourism Management and related fields.
  2. Those with Second Class (Lower Division) may be considered on condition that they have Grade “C” and above in units relevant to their areas of specialization.

Duration: Two years with 11 taught units in year 1 and thesis in year 2.

Unit Code and Name
HTM 802: Statistics
HTM 800: Research Methods
HTM 858: Tourism Investments and Enterprise Development
HTM 850: Sustainable Tourism Planning and Policy
HTM 851: Tourism Economics
HTM 852: Destination Management and Marketing
HTM 853: Tourism Legislation and International Conventions HTM 854: Tourism Governance and Regional Development HTM 856: Tourism Technology and Innovation
HTM 810: Events and Conferences Management (Elective)
HTM 857: Managing Tourism Distribution and Intermediaries (Elective) HTM 812: Thesis (Is equivalent to 8 units)