Entry Requirements

  1. Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of Kenyatta University for Diploma courses.
  2. Candidates must have a minimum of grade of C in KCSE examinations.
  3. Candidates must have done any two (2) of the following subjects at KCSE and passed with a minimum grade of C – (minus) in each: Biology/Biological Sciences; Geography/ History; Business Education/Computer Applications; English/Foreign Language
  4. Mean grade C-(minus) at KCSE with a Certificate in a field related to tourism from a recognized Institution and two (2) years of relevant experience.

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Unit Code and Title

Year One
HTM 021: Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
BTM 050: Introduction to Travel and Tour Operations
BTM 051: Communication Skills in Tourism
HTM 027: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Marketing
BTM 052: Customer Service
HTM 030: Principles of Management in Hospitality and Tourism
BTM 053: Introduction to the History of East Africa
BTM 054: Peoples and Culture of East Africa
BTM 055: Nature and Wildlife knowledge
HTM 033: Enterprise Development in Hospitality and Tourism
BTM 056: Tourism and the Environment
BTM 057: Introduction to Travel Geography

Year Two
HTM 035: Computer Applications in Hospitality and Tourism
BTM 058: Introduction to Research Methods in Tourism
BTM 059: Tour Operations Techniques
BTM 060: Travel Agency Techniques
BTM 061: Introduction to Statistics in Tourism
HTM 042: Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Accounting
BTM 062: Introduction to Airfare and Ticketing
BTM 063: Tourism Planning and Development

BTM 064: Tourism Facilities Management
BTM 065: Tourism Service Quality Management
BTM 066: Tourism Project
BTM 067: Ecotourism

HTM 045: Industrial Attachment (Practicum) Outside Semester