Hospitality &Tourism industry one of the largest foreign exchange earners in Kenya and contributes 10% to the GDP as well as the economy. The local industry faces ideal challenges in meeting the needs of National tourism development agendas and Vision 2030. There is an increasingly need for developing solutions and new knowledge to feed innovation, tourism and product development and enhance competitiveness of both destinations and enterprises. Kenyatta University is committed to advancing such core values through advanced training and research to the level that it meets the dynamic needs of the region’s tourism sectors. Kenyatta University is committed towards ensuring that academia is responsive to the needs of the industry. Tourism is the second largest foreign exchange earner. It is an important and critical sector for the economy. There is need to provide quality and develop an equally dynamic labor force able to be able to address the challenges facing the tourism sector in totality. Kenyatta University intends to develop a globally competitive and adaptive human resource base to meet the requirements of a rapidly industrializing economy.

We at the School of Hospitality and Tourism seek to raise labour productivity to international standards as well as enhancement of closer collaboration between industry and training institutions. The School of Hospitality and Tourism, was founded in March 2009. It was established to cater for the ever increasing demand for further advanced training, education and personnel for the hospitality and tourism industry. The school began as a Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2002, admitting about 150 students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. During that time, it had three (3) members of staff and relied heavily on part-time lecturers for the implementation of the programmes; and only one (1) kitchen laboratory and two (2) support staff.

Presently,  the School has got more than 800 students;  seventeen (17) teaching members of staff; twelve (12) of them   are undertaking Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Degree (PhD) while  five (5) are PhD holders; thirteen(13) non-teaching staff  and four(4) kitchen laboratory support staff. 

The current exponential growth of student numbers and the diversity of the programmes have led to expansion of the school; as a result, the school’s programmes have been introduced in various Kenyatta University satellite and constituent campuses such as Mombasa Campus and recruitment of more members of staff is ongoing.  Also, there are plans to develop ‘A Centre of Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism’ in partnership with Marriot Chain of Hotels (Dubai) at Mombasa where the school has a fifteen (15) acres piece of land.

 Our Vision: The vision of the School of Hospitality and Tourism is to be a practically oriented and internationally renowned Centre of Excellence in Hospitality and Tourism.

 Our Mission: The mission of the School is to provide high quality professional instruction, research and community service in Hospitality and Tourism Management.


We provide valuable training, learning and research opportunities for students in Hospitality and Tourism. We seek to offer educational opportunities that accentuate on the importance of quality, self-worth and achievement within a stimulating, warm and supportive atmosphere.


 The School seeks to:

 Ø   Pursue academic and skill-based students’ outcomes.

 Ø   Inculcate a culture of excellence.

 Ø   Endeavour to identify and serve the needs of the various stakeholders.

 Ø   Adopt the principle of continuous improvement.

 Ø   Create programs and support training, professional growth and development for all employees.

 Ø   Enhance a culture of innovation and creativity


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 The Department of Hospitality Management seeks to position itself as the premier provider of Hospitality training and research, providing competency, skill and knowledge catered for the highly dynamic and global hospitality and tourism industry. We have developed our programmes to reflect these core values globally.


 Tel: +254 020-8710901 Ext. 57533; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The Department of Tourism Management provides academic leadership in Tourism training and research. We excel in training professionals and leaders that provide a valuable impact on the tourism sector within the region. We are focussed on advancing the scale of tourism research within the region and work very closely with the state and non-state actors in the region.


       Research organizations
      Government bodies (Central and local)
      Destination Marketing organizations
      NGOs and CBOs
      Environmental bodies & Consultancies
      Sectoral associations: KATO, KATA
      Hotel chains, DMCs & Tour operators
      Development organizations eg UNDP,UNECA, UNWTO
      International & regional bodies e.g. IATA, UNESCO, ILO, EAC
      Community organizations


There are three intakes in a year. These include January intake, May intake and the September intake.


 1.      Acquired a training facility (Northcoast beach Hotel) in the hub of tourism circuit in Coastal region of Kenya
2.      Completed a state of the art School complex at the Main campus with post-modern laboratory
3.      Promotion of Scholarship, service and academic leadership in Hospitality and Tourism
4.      Participated in conferences, symposia, research and tourism development initiatives for VICRES, IGAD, COMESA, UNECA and other international institutions


The School academic members of staff are active members of various associations such as the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (ITHM); Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA); Operations Research Association of East Africa (ORSEA); Ecotourism Kenya (ESOK); Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG); Wildlife Clubs of Kenya (WCK) amongst others.


  1. Food, Safety and Hygiene in Hospitality
  2. Food and Beverage Production and Service Management
  3. Yield Management Initiatives in Hospitality Enterprises
  4. Accommodation Management
  5. Property Management and Financial Accounting in Tourism and Hospitality
  6. Tourism and Climate Change
  7. Eco-tourism and Community-Based Tourism and Poverty alleviation
  8. Tourism Training and Education;
  9. Tourism Destinations and Marketing;
  10. Tourism integration and Destination Competitiveness.


 The School has established internal and external linkages with the following institutions especially to develop academic and research collaboration, and cultural interchanges:

  1. James Madison University(USA)
  2. North Dakota State University(USA)
  3. California State University-East Bay(USA)
  4. East Carolina State University(USA)
  5. Oklahoma State University(USA)
  6. Marriot Chain of Hotels(Dubai)


 The International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism

The International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality was recently developed with the need to develop an international journal that would enhance academic excellence as well as profile the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Kenyatta University within the International Academic Research and Publishing arena. This goal was a key priority for the journal since we needed to promote an International academic readership, an experienced editorial board as well as a wide reviewer-base.


The school has seventeen (17) teaching members of staff; twelve (12) of them   are undertaking Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism Degree (PhD) while  five (5) are PhD holders.