Dr. Hellen Muthomi

Research and Publications

  • Kamau W.J., Njenga G. D., Goodwin Y., Muthomi N., Rotich K. J. (2017). Leisure from International Voices: A Kenyan Perspective. In Henderson K., &
  • Sivan A. (Eds). Leisure from International Voices (pp 99-110), Sagamore Venture, Urbana. ISBN: ebook, 978-1-57167-888-1. ISBN: 978-1-57167-887-4 Print.
  • Mwangi F.M., Muthomi H.N., Wachira L.J. (2017) Ability in Disability. Queenex Publishers ISBN: 978-9966-075-66-6
  • Ooko, S.W. & Muthomi, H.N. (2016). Using Outdoor Adventure to Contribute to Peace: The Case of Kenya. In Humberstone, B. Prince, H. & Henderson K. A. (Eds). Routledge International Book of Outdoor Studies (pp316-), Routledge, New York. ebook, 978-1-315-76846-5. ISBN: 978-1-138-78288-4 Print.
  • Wachira L.J., Mwangi F.M., Muthomi H.N. (2016) The Trash Ball. Queenex Publishers ISBN: 978-9966-075-16-1
  • Muthomi H.N., Wachira L.J., Mwangi F.M. (2016) David Gets Fit. Queenex Publishers ISBN: 978-9966-075-13-0
  • Wanjira J.K., Andanje M., Rintaugu E., Muthomi H.N., Wanderi P.M. (2016) Influence of Sports Disciplines and Demographics of Kenya Colleges Athletes on their Awareness of Doping in Sports. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. ISSN: 2221-0989 Online, ISSN: 2220-8488 Print. VoL.6, Number 3, March 2016
  • Shikuku W.O., Muthomi H.N. And Odhiambo G. (2015) Impact of Outdoor Adventure Education on Kenyan Youth, in Peace Building. World Leisure Journal,ISSN: Online, 2333-4509. ISSN: 1607-8055 Print. VoL. 57, Issue 2, October, 2015. DOI: 10.1080/16078055.2015.1081270
  • Kinuthia L. N., Mburugu K. G., Muthomi H. N. & Mwihaki M. (2012) Factors Influencing Brand Loyalty in Sportswear among Kenyan University Students, Case of Swimmers. Asian Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities (AJSSH). ISSN: 2186-8492 Online, ISSN: 2186-8484 Print. VoL.1, Number 4, November 2012

Memberships to Professional Associations

  • Member, Fitness Professionals Association of Kenya (FITPAK)
  • Life Member, The Kenya Red Cross
  • Member, Kenya Association for Physical and Health Education, Recreation, Sports and Dance (K.A.H.P.E.R.- S.D)
  • Member, The International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport (ISCPES)
  • Member, Wilderness Medical Society (WMS)
  • Member, Kenya Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (KSCTA)

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