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  • Tree Planting at Karura Forest by members of staff

  • Tree Planting at Karura Forest by members of staff

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Entry Requirements
i. Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of Kenyatta University for Diploma courses.
ii. Candidates must have obtained a mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or equivalent. Candidates must have obtained grade C-(minus) in two (2) subjects chosen from the following categories:- Alternative A (Biology, Chemistry, English/Kiswahili); Alternative B (Home Science, Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences/Mathematics, English/Kiswahili)
iii. Mean grade C- (minus) at KCSE with a Certificate in a field related to hospitality from a recognized institution and two (2) years of relevant experience.

Program Structure and Duration
In order to graduate with a Diploma in Hospitality Management, candidate must have studied and passed 25 units including industrial attachment. A student will take at least six (6) units per semester. Industrial attachment of a minimum of three months shall be undertaken upon successful completion of the course work before a student can graduate

University regulations shall apply. All units shall be examined at the end of the semester in which they are taken. Continuous Assessment marks shall make up 40% and the final examination shall make up 60% of the total marks.

Diploma in Hospitality Management Candidate who scores less than 40% in a unit will sit for a supplementary examination when next scheduled. However, candidates who fail practical units will retake the units failed when next offered.

Certification –
The Diploma to be awarded is designated (Diploma in Hospitality Management)
The Diploma in Hospitality Management awarded will be categorized according to the grades as follows:
Distinction - (70% - 100%) Pass – (40% - 49%)
Credit 1 - (60% - 69%) Fail – (0 – 39%)
Credit 2 (50% - 59%)

Unit Code and Name

Year One
HTM 021: Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
BHT 022: Food Production I
BHT 023: Food and Beverage Service I
BHT 024: Accommodation Operations I (House-Keeping)
BHT 025: Introduction to Nutrition
BHT 026: Food Safety and Microbiology
HTM 027: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Marketing
BHT 028: Laundry Operations
BHT 029: Accommodation Operations II
HTM 030: Principles of Management in Hospitality & Tourism
BHT 031: Food Production II
BHT 032: Food and Beverage Service II

Year Two
HTM 033: Enterprise Development in Hospitality and Tourism
BHT 034: Food Service III
HTM 035: Computer Applications in Hospitality and Tourism
BHT 036: Food and Beverage Control
BHT 037: Front Office Operations
BHT 038: Food Production III
BHT 039: Human Resource Management
BHT 040: Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry
BHT 041: Accommodation Management III
HTM 042: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Accounting
BHT 043: Food and Beverage Production IV
BHT 044: Food and Beverage Service IV
HTM 045: Industrial Attachment (Outside Semester)

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