Research Publications

Date Issued
2006 Conference tourism in Kenya: Towards Tourism product development, Diversification and extension. African Journal of Business and Economics Volume 2, No.1, 2007. Prof Pius Odunga; Shem Maingi, Rita Nthiga and J. Belsoy
2006 Tourism and Poverty Alleviation. The Case for Indigenous
Enterprise Development in Kenya.
Tourism, Culture and Communication Manyara, G et
2005 The influence of partner
relationship and Social support
to expectant women in Low
income areas.
Discovery and Innovation
journal, vol 17 number ¾ pg
105-209. Dec ISSN1015-079X
Ondigi, A. N.
  The Application of Destination Choice Model in Domestic Tourism in Kenya. Journal of Tourism Management Ndivo, R.M and Mayaka, M.A.
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