Entry Requirements
i. Candidates must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of Kenyatta University for Diploma courses.
ii. Candidates must have obtained a mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or equivalent. Candidates must have obtained grade C-(minus) in two (2) subjects chosen from the following categories:- Alternative A (Biology, Chemistry, English/Kiswahili); Alternative B (Home Science, Biological Sciences/Physical Sciences/Mathematics, English/Kiswahili)
iii. Mean grade C- (minus) at KCSE with a Certificate in a field related to hospitality from a recognized institution and two (2) years of relevant experience.

Program Structure and Duration
In order to graduate with a Diploma in Hospitality Management, candidate must have studied and passed 25 units including industrial attachment. A student will take at least six (6) units per semester. Industrial attachment of a minimum of three months shall be undertaken upon successful completion of the course work before a student can graduate

University regulations shall apply. All units shall be examined at the end of the semester in which they are taken. Continuous Assessment marks shall make up 40% and the final examination shall make up 60% of the total marks.

Diploma in Hospitality Management Candidate who scores less than 40% in a unit will sit for a supplementary examination when next scheduled. However, candidates who fail practical units will retake the units failed when next offered.

Certification –
The Diploma to be awarded is designated (Diploma in Hospitality Management)
The Diploma in Hospitality Management awarded will be categorized according to the grades as follows:
Distinction - (70% - 100%) Pass – (40% - 49%)
Credit 1 - (60% - 69%) Fail – (0 – 39%)
Credit 2 (50% - 59%)

Unit Code and Name

Year One
HTM 021: Introduction to the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
BHT 022: Food Production I
BHT 023: Food and Beverage Service I
BHT 024: Accommodation Operations I (House-Keeping)
BHT 025: Introduction to Nutrition
BHT 026: Food Safety and Microbiology
HTM 027: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Marketing
BHT 028: Laundry Operations
BHT 029: Accommodation Operations II
HTM 030: Principles of Management in Hospitality & Tourism
BHT 031: Food Production II
BHT 032: Food and Beverage Service II

Year Two
HTM 033: Enterprise Development in Hospitality and Tourism
BHT 034: Food Service III
HTM 035: Computer Applications in Hospitality and Tourism
BHT 036: Food and Beverage Control
BHT 037: Front Office Operations
BHT 038: Food Production III
BHT 039: Human Resource Management
BHT 040: Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry
BHT 041: Accommodation Management III
HTM 042: Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Accounting
BHT 043: Food and Beverage Production IV
BHT 044: Food and Beverage Service IV
HTM 045: Industrial Attachment (Outside Semester)